urSmartApps, started in 2016, has the goal to produce quality watchfaces with classic looks and widgets for Garmin smartwatches (Fenix, Forerunner, Chronos, Vivoactive, Approach and Descent).

It started with a lifetime fascination of watches, craftsmanship, fine mechanics and electronics. After gaining interest in one of the best smartwatches then, the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, it appeared that there was a lack of weather apps and classical watchfaces.

In an attempt to fulfill this void, uWeather development started. After uWeather came watchfaces. Inspired by diver watches, urTime Aquatic development started; urTime Solunar, Tourbillon, Moonphase, Gold, Silver, 8, Naval and urTime Duometre soon followed.

An overview of the current urSmartApps (click on any picture to go to the Garmin IQ store):

urTime Aquatic

urTime Aquatic is a detailed diver type watchface which is great to wear during water activities or just to a suit.

Click on picture to download Aquatic

urTime Solunar

urTime Solunar shows you the duration of the day in style. Great to time outdoor activities or simply in the office.

Click on picture to download Solunar

urTime Tourbillon

urTime Tourbillion is the classiest one to wear; the tourbillon clock shows your completed step goal of the day.

Click on picture to download Tourbillon

If you have any questions, ideas, remarks or comments, please don’t hesitate and send an email to arnold@ursmartapps.com. Thanks to all users for the great support!

urSmartApps on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ursmartapps

urSmartApps on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lqa2XvRGC0

urTime Moonphase

urTime Moonphase shows you the phase of the moon; a desired complication on mechanical watches. The small hand shows step goal.

Click on picture to download Moonphase

urTime Gold

urTime Gold is a very simple yet elegant watchface. Custom watchfacename and displaying of several info options.

Click on picture to download Gold







urTime Silver

urTime Silver is a silver variation of urTime Gold. Much demanded so finally here.

Click on picture to download Silver



urTime 8

urTime 8 represents the finest of watchmaking. The dual dial, royal blue gold patterned back, rosegold outlining and blued screws all breathe style.

Click on picture to download urTime 8



urTime Naval

urTime Naval is a watchface designed for watersport enthousiasts and everyone who likes the naval look.

Click on picture to download urTime Naval



urTime Duometre

urTime Duometre is a watchface with two indicators, left for battery level, right for daily step goal.

Click on picture to download urTime Duometre